A three month battle (from February 16 to May 20, 2335) between Savant Corporation and one of their rivals, ExeterCorp over exclusive rights to sell various consumables to a cluster of colonies in the Effram 2179 system. The main point of contention in this trade war was a raging rivalry between two brands of soft drinks: Beck Cola, sold by Savant, and Zym Cola, sold by ExeterCorp. One particular colony, under heavy ExeterCorp influence, had vending machines for both brands of soft drinks in a spaceport, and representatives from ExeterCorp had demanded that the rival vending machine be removed. Savant protested the action, and a war of words was soon escalated to a war of starships. The battle was mostly a series of skirmishes between starships and their wings of starfighters, thought there were a few pitched battles that resulted in heavy casualties. Ultimately Savant Corporation won and Zym was expelled from the system. In all six warships were lost, as well as 37 fighters, totalling 2548 personnel dead on both sides.

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