The Talesian Star Republic was founded in 2070 shortly after first contact with the Selven and Wu Jen following three years later. The founding of the Republic a testament of the reslilance of the Talesian people, who nearly deystroyed themselves 200 years earlier in Atomic War. The Republic grew by steps and bounds in 2305 during the Terran Civil war when separatists of the Confederation ceceeded first to the Talesians, and were welcomed into the Republic with open arms expanding the influence of the Talesian Star Republic into former Terran Confederation Realms.. As Civil war raged in the Confederation, the Talesian Star Republic offered a beacon of stability and peace. Dozens of worlds became members of the Republic overnight with promise of Unity and prosperity that the Talesians offered. This allowed the Talesians to expand their Empire quickly since first contact with Humanity.

Although the majority of the population forming the Republic were Talesian; both from Talesia and Talesian Colonized worlds in the Gamma and Foxhole sectors, several other races helped in forming the Talesian Star Republic as it is today. Among them were the Human and Recom Separatists on former Confederation colony worlds such as Adhara, and the reclusive but honorable Wu Jen.

When the Tariez invaded, the Talesian Star Republic was one of the first targets. The Tariez, viewing any alien race as a taint to Humanity’s right to control the stars made a forceful push on two fronts to eradicate the Talesian Star Republic, and purge all the Alien and non-pure humans residing within the Confederation, which included both the Selven and Recoms.

The Talesian Star Repubic Today:

The Talesian Star Republic remains as one of the most technologically refined and well ordered empires within known space. While not as large the Confederation overall; the Republic still controls much of the of the Gamma and Foxhole sectors; wedged right between the outer colonies of the Confederation and the newly created Empire of Terra. The vast distance of Talesia from Earth allows the alien controlled empire to thrive where the influence of the confederation military wanes.

Seat or government center: Talesia in the Talas system

Controlled space: Orion Nebula; most of the Gamma sector and Foxhole sectors.

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