Ship Name: TSF Protectar

Class: Wolfhound Class Battlecruiser

Faction: Talesian Star Republic

Commissioned: 2340

Fate: Still in active duty


Length: 540 m
Beam: 250 m
Draft: 175 m

Decks: 27

Crew: 500 officers and crew; 750-1,500 marines (max complement)

Sublight Drives: 2 Type IV Talesian plasma-pulse engines: max velocity .5c

FTL drive: Class B Talesian Warp Drive (2345 refit)- three nacelles

Power Plant: 6 Type IV Talesian Fusion reactors, 5 primary, 1 auxurially. Reserve Batteries for 5 hours of life support and computer system power with all reactors offline.

Armament: 2 Type VI Pulse Arrays (6 emitters each), 2 Type III Pulse Arrays (3 emitters each), 7 Plasma-Spread Canons (high yield) (2345 Refit), 7 Torpedo Tubes (Torpedo Compliment: 250 Mark III A-Torps (2350 Refit), 50 Mark II E-Torps, 25 Class IV Probes)

Armor: Polarized layered Ceramic-composite and titanium alloy armor (2350 Refit)

Sensors: Standard Talesian Ionic Deflector Array. ECM Jamming capibilities for electronic chaff against guided missles and torpedos through the array.

Shuttles and Starfighter Compliment: Fighters: 5 squadrons (25) Whippet Class light interceptor fighters; 2 squadrons (10) Pitbull class Heavy Attack fighters. Support craft:15 Dalmation Class Shuttlecraft (Warp Capible), 10 Bulldog class Marine Assult Dropships.


The TSF Protectar is one of the oldest ships in the Talesian Navy in active duty and was the Talesian flagship of the allied fleet during the Tariez war. She was the first ship to be outfitted with Pulse-Arrays in 2345. a turning point in the Tariez war as Pulse Weapons were proven extremely effective on draining and even penetrating Tariez sheilds. She had a second refit in 2350 to equip with torpedo tubes capible of firing Anti-matter torpedos and standard Talesian Starforce Replicators, as well as repair aging armor with more modern space saving re-inforced Ceramic-composite and Titanium Alloy mesh layered armor effective at displacing energy weapons and buffered against the force of kinetic and explosive weaponry.

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