In game date: Wednesday, February 2, 2355

Narrator: Temper

Players: Temper, Akai, Vector, Kenoshi, Lexington, Yosho, Feyrin, Kiro

Location: Industrial District, Shangri-La; shuttlecraft; The Andromeda Queen

Summary: Temper and Akai, still angered over having been cheated and nearly killed by officials in the Confederation (see Flood in the Underworld), hire a group of mercenaries to infiltrate a luxury space liner, the Andromeda Queen, and assassinate a group of five high ranking Confed officials who were responsible for the double cross. The space liner is hosting a birthday party for Prince Alexander Bright, the son of the Confederation's emperor, Jeremy Bright.

The assassins, Kenoshi, Vector, Yosho, Lexington, and Kiro, are snuck on board a freighter destined to dock with the Andromeda Queen, with the help of a dockworker, Feyrin. Once they take control of the shuttle, they then dock with the cruise ship and carry out their plan. Kenoshi and Vector take the freighter's cargo, a birthday cake, on board the liner while Lexington and Kiro sneak in unnoticed. Yosho and Feyrin remain on the shuttle, preparing it for a quick getaway.

The cake delivery is an unexpected disaster, Kenoshi's bad luck resulting in the shocking deaths of several chefs, but it provides the distraction needed for Lexington to hack into the ship's computer network and trigger a solar flare alert. The passangers and crew of the liner go into their shelters, and it is an easy task for the assassins to track down the room where their marks are hiding, after they deal with a troublesome security droid. The resulting murders are witnessed on a video screen by Prince Bright himself, who is powerless to stop it.

The assassins make a quick getaway, pursued closely by Confed warships and having to weather a real solar flare. Having evaded their pursuers, the ship makes it safely back to Ceres.

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