RP Thread summary: Smuggler’s Run

In game time: June 22, 2353

Narrator: Yarrick

Players: Yarrick, Friday, Hella, Kenoshi,Vector

Location: Ceres and Adhara


Yarrick, and his trusty-rusty Talesian freighter is hired by the Trio of confederation officers to smuggle some weapons from Ceres to Adhara to supply the Talesian Renegades on with weapons to help aid their rebellion against the Talesian government. Friday meets the confederate officers and the freelancer at the space port on Ceres, a contact sent from the renegades to ensure the weapons are delivered safely, and that Yarrick doesn’t pocket a few for himself to sell off, as he’s been known to do.

Exiting the Ceres system is a piece of cake for the experienced smuggler, who uses fake transponders and paperwork to make him look like he’s just bringing another shipment of food and other trade-goods to the desolate outer world.

Things get hairy when Yarrick’s ship finishes it’s jump into the outskirts of the Adhara system; a Pirate ship is waiting for them.

Outgunned, they’re only choice is to tuck tail and run, and with help from Kenoshi, they attempt a blind jump before the pirate ship can bring weapons to bear.

They exit the jump just above the atmosphere of a large, class J planet, in a nearby star system. The ship spirals out of control into the gravity well of the Jungle planet below, forcing Yarrick to make a crash landing in a tropical swamp.

Thankfully, because of where they land, along with the Talesian’s skills as a competent pilot, no major damage is done to the ship, although it becomes encaked with mud. It takes a full day to clean the ship off, and ungunk her intakes before she can fly again.

After their detour, they are able to return to the Adhara system, though this time, setting their jump farther outside. They find a debris field, of appropriate mass for the Pirate vessel, with weapon signatures on the debris matching what would be used on a Talesian Starforce battle-cruiser. Seems they had taken out the trash.

Smuggling the weapons to the Renegades goes smoothly, the sly Talesian smuggling the weapons right under the local authorities eyes. After loading the weapons, marked as food, onto an ancient petrol-burning half-track, Friday shows the Talesian and the Confederate officers to the location of the base, where they unload the weapons, and Yarrick receives his payment, once Friday has inventoried and confirmed all the weapons are still there. Hella, Vector and Kenoshi stay behind on Adhara; to train the refugees into a more formidable fighting force, acting as the Confederation’s “unofficial” support of the rebels on Adhara.

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