History: The Russian mafia, also known as the Bratva, Russian for 'Brotherhood' started on Terra, in the nation of Russia, in the form of banditry and thievery, known as Vory v zakone or "thieves in law". Over time, this loose affiliation of thieves and bandits would grow closer, and form a real organization, which would come to rule the Russian underworld, controlling the black market, and having signifigant governmental influence.


Today, the Russian mafia still exists, though it is much larger in scope than their forebearers could ever have imagined, existing now as an interstellar crime organization, with operations throughout the Former Confederation, the Terran Empire, and even some inroads into the Talosian territories. The Russian Mafia makes most of its money in simple racketeering, extortion, and prostitution, though they have expanded into smuggling, arms dealing, slavery, mercenary work, and even terrorism.

Seat or Government center: Moscow, Russia, on Earth, in the Sol system.

Controlled Regions of space: "Little Moscow", on Ceres, large parts of Ford City, Adhara, All of Moscow, on Earth, various smaller holdings.

Current LeaderBorys Antonov

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