Name: Rob the Alsatian

Species: Recom (quadrupedal German Shepherd)

Height: 28" at the shoulder

Weight: 90 pouns

Eyes: Brown

Hair color: Brown and Black

Age: Born on August 18th, 2350 (5 years old)

'Faction: Independent'

Profession: Guard Dog (retired)

Background: Rob was born on Osiris, in the city of Alexandria, to a family of similar four-legged Recoms. He found out early on that he got the raw deal, genetically, in that he was a quadrupedal Recom in a world that is biased towards bipedal people, and that he has a short life expectancy because of his physiology. His kind were bred to be intelligent pets, prior to the revolution that gave Recoms recognition as having equal rights to humans. No revolution could change his genetic heritage. So while he had a frighteningly fast childhood, he found himself limited in work options. He trained to be a guard dog, something that was in demand in the upscale neighborhoods in Alexandria where regular animals just weren't fashionable enough. He had moved from house to house over a couple short years, tired of having himself paraded in front of guests, generally miserable with his job, but lacking the skills for much else. That changed when he was hired by a well-to-do surgeon named Tanya Ames, who wanted a companion and bodyguard to protect her against some strange beings that were stalking her. He found the job to pay well, and to be quite exciting. Tanya also treated him with respect, which was a rarity, and didn't regard him as just a talking dog. Just before making her sudden departure for realms unknown, she left all of her possessions to Rob, and he found himself suddenly quite wealthy. He retired from the guard dog business, and pursued an easier life until a bat-yote named Nikopol came along and suggested that he move to a colony on the outer rim where quadrupeds are treated with much greater respect. He did just that.

Skills: Rob has all of the physical capabilities of a German Shepherd in good health, including sharp senses and the ability to deliver a powerful bite. Preferably to an offending person's genitals. He also has the intellect of a human being and the ability to speak. He doesn't know much besides that. His lack of thumbs makes it difficult to do many tasks without assistance from his fembot EeVee.

Personality: Rob is laid back and friendly, but he doesn't take crap from anybody. He really hates it when people baby talk to him or try to pet him. He is loyal to a fault to whomever employs him.

Appearance: Rob looks like a large male German Shepherd, with a typical black and tan coat. He wears only a collar containing a radio transponder in it that identifies him as a sentient being.

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