In game time: Sunday, February 6, 2355

Narrator: Temper

Players: Vector, Kenoshi, Lexington, Nikopol

Location: Junk Town, Shangri-La

Summary: A section of the Lower City of Shangri-La has been cordoned off by city authorities, without any official notice, and Akai wants to know what is going on there. So he hires Vector, Kenoshi, and Lexington to sneak into the Quarantined Zone and investigate. There they meet up with Nikopol, and with some strange, zombie-like creatures. Killing the zombies only manages to release something alien life form having invaded their bodies. The group then finds themselves on the run from this malignant life form known as "The Wispers".

Eventually after the explorers escape, not unscathed, the section of the city is firebombed by the mysterious authorities, who it turns out are not working for the city at all, but are Confed agents who have infiltrated Shangri-La and are pursuing their own agenda.

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