History Edit

Low-sec has long had a reputation of being a back-water, hillbilly section of space outside the civilized lines drawn by the core worlds of the galaxy. In part due to the resulting isolation, the loosely scattered worlds of the outer fringe collectively known as the "Low Security Belt" due to the dramatically reduced galactic government has developed into a haven for traders, pirates, mercenaries and anyone else willing to sacrifice the universes newest and greatest technology in return for frontier freedoms unreachable in the core worlds.  Low-sec planets provide a lower tech, more personal and less galactically impacting enviroment where one can still walk into a bar with a firearm at their side, or rob a bank with a mask on. They are worlds who view merrit based on deed over appearence, and less common morphologies like Taurs or sentient quadrepeds tend to hail from worlds close to, or within, the low-sec belt. While Low-sec worlds are officially Empire planets, such declaration of ownership is in paper only, as said planets are too remote, or dont hold enough value in resource, to warrent enough official presence to garter any attention or respect.

Privateering in the Low-Band Edit

If there is a place left in the universe for a honest person to earn a dis-honest fortune, its in the Low Security Belt. Pirates, mercenaries and black market technologies can exchange goods and illegal services here just outside the watchfull eye (and taxes) of the Empire or Confederacy. large, interplanetary businesses are shunned in low-sec due to the government red tape they gather when attempting to establish footholds inside the inner core, but indevidual smugglers or mercenary contracts, useually loyal to one or two planets in the Low-Band, keep the underground economy moving. The real money belongs to small pirate, mercenary or smuggler bands that take contracts from large militant confederate or rebel forces, living their lives in and out of the belt and amassing small armies-worths of weapons, supplies and vehicals over the course of their existances. In many situations these weapons cache's, often large enough to outfit full platoons, can be left completely without owner, hidden in some unknown cave on a Lowsec world, as their owner or owners died on the job. As a result, treasure hunting holds a certain appeal, and profit, as well.

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