Name: Jonathon Edward Fargo

Species: Talesian (Jack Russel Terrier)

Height: 5’ 4”

Weight: 95 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair/Fur color: White as a base, light brown and black on the head and ears. Black short and scruffy hair.

Age: 38  

Attire: Ambasador Fargo usually wears long, flowing robes distinctive of the Talesian Senate. When needed to adhere to Terran dress codes; the Ambassador leaves his robes in favor of a Talesian business suit and tie. He wears a pair of thin, round wire-frame glasses to offset a stigmatisim.

Faction: Talesian Star Republic

Profession: Ambassador to the Talesian Star Republic


John grew up as many members of the Talesian Executive class did during childhood, living a very sheltered and well provided for life. He came from a family in the Excutive class in high standing and was prepared since childhood for a role of leadership within the government of the Talesian Republic through private tutors from the most established colleges and universities that Talesia could offer.

He started his political career at the age of 12 when he became a Senator’s page. When he was 21 he got his first elected position of treasurer of Mordia City, and while a rather dull and mindless position he was now had an official position in the government of the Talesian Republic, and through elections was able to work his charismatic magic to get voted into a senator’s seat by the age of 30.

After serving two terms in the Talesian Senate, John Fargo was able to pull a few strings to get his name on the Governor Ballot for the upcoming election. After a landslide victory John’s youth and charisma was able to win over the Citizens vote to proclaim him as the new Governor of the Talesian Homeworld.

The tension rising between the Confederation, Empire of Terra and the Talesian Star Republic prompted the Republic Senate to assign the Republic's strongest public relation figurehead, Govenor Fargo as Ambassador for the Talesian Star Republic in 2354. James April Tiberius was voted in by the Talesian senate as the new planetary govenor of Talesia.


Ambassador Fargo is young for a Talesian Ambassador, and this youth adds to his energy and Charisma. Intellegent and witty, He has the charisma to spin even the most dire circumstance in a positive light, the Ambassador is a powerful public speaker.


In public light, Ambassador Fargo is a carefree and enthusiastic person, always full of bundled energy and able to keep optimistic in even the most hopeless negotiations.

In private, however John Fargo is the complete opposite of his public persona; very withdrawn he keeps to himself when not doing a public speech. Ambassador Fargo rarely leaves the confines of the heavily secured Ambassadorial suite aboard the TSF Protectar.

When sent on a diplomatic envoy; the ambassador has a full division of the most elite of Talesian peacekeepers to back up his own personal bodyguards.

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