At one time, Mankind ruled the stars and united most of known space under the flag of the Confederation. Two eras of strife and Civil War have divided known space into three major factions, each with their own agendas to stake out their own claims on territory.

In addition, two factions centered from beyond known space; the Tariez Empire and the Saurian Hegemony loom as mysterious but powerful forces just beyond reach that can re-shape the Alpha Quadrant. Among these are numbers of smaller independant factions and unalligned worlds, all staking their claims in the frontier of space.

Major Factions in Neospace:

Low-Sec Privateers

Riggers Guild

Russian Mafia

Saurian Hegemony

Talesian Star Republic

Tariez Empire

Terran Confederation

Transhumanist Union

Major Corporations in Neospace:


Obsidian Industries

Savant Corporation



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