During the Tariez war, the President of the Confederation had been given a substantial amount of power to unify Humanity against the Tariez threat. Power he never planned to give back once the war was over.

Instead of faltering after the war, his influence remained strong within the senate, and the constant threat of the Talosian Star Republic shifted public attention off of what was going on behind the scenes and on what was brewing up as a cold war.

This made the perfect breeding grounds for propaganda that would endorse President Jeremy Bright as the rightful and sole leader of the Confederation. Earlier this year (2355) with the dissolving of the senate and ruling bodies of the Confederation; Jeremy Bright was declared Emperor, and the Empire of Terra was born.

Emperor Jeremy Bright ushered in a new wave of propaganda about the purity of the Human race. Though untold billions were inspired by these words of a “strong and unified empire” many worlds rebelled and separated at the announcement of the pro-human Empire, and many more would follow.

Over the next few months, the new Empire proceeded to exile all non human or recom citizens from Earth. This included all AIs as well as alien species residing on the core worlds of the former confederation, such as Talosians and even Selvens. Among the first to separate was the Selven homeworld of Arua, after the Emporer announced that all Aliens, Cyborgs, and AI were exiled from Earth.

The Confederation Parliment was never disolved, but controlled by the Emporer with an iron fist, a move which would cost his throne of power later. Many colonies still remained loyal to the Confederation during this time of strife and Civil War.

Some worlds defected to the side of the Confederation in secret without at first announcing their change in Loyalty to the Empire. Some worlds considered themselves neutral, and many worlds under Empire rule had bands of those who symphanise and support Confederation ideals.

After some skirmishes with the forces loyal to the Confederation and opposition in the Confederate Parilment, Emporer Jeremy Bright was removed from power in 2350, and the Terran Empire was disolved, restoring the Articles of the confederation to all worlds in Terran control.

Former Seat or Government center: Formerly Earth (Terra) in the Sol System

Formerly controlled Regions of space: Inner worlds of the Confederation, including Earth.

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