In game time: Monday, February 7, 2355

Narrator: Juno

Players: Juno, Trance

Location: Vaults beneath Junk Town, Shangri-La

Summary: Trance had been hunting around in Shangri-La for leads that could help her in an ongoing project to travel to a parallel dimension and find a lost spacecraft. She had a hunch that something is there that can help her, and her preternatural sense lead her down into the Lower City's sub-levels where she witnesses a battle between Confed commandos and some strange armored insectoid creatures. The creatures seem to show no hostility towards her, and allow her to venture further into the tunnels, eventually finding a hidden laboratory. In the laboratory she finds vats containing the remains of humans and recoms, apparently infected by some terrible disease that twisted their forms beyond recognition. She then finds the laboratory's owner, a female Imaja named Juno. Juno is very distracted by the Confed's raid, as she is receiving signals from the insectoid drones over her telepathic Link informing her that the laboratory complex that she and her associates had established was being overrun and firebombed. Furthermore Juno has lost contact with the two other Imaja who were part of her research team, their project being the study of the Wispers that had recently manifested in this part of Shangri-La. Trance finds that Juno has a violently unstable temper, brought on by the stress, and calms her down by injecting her with a syringe of catnip extract. Trance then takes the opportunity to confront some of the Confed commandos, driving them off and giving her a chance to escape along with Juno, who in turn sets her laboratory to self-destruct. Trance determines that Juno is of extra-dimensional origin and may be able to help her with her own mission, and so helps her to escape from Ceres and takes her to a secret base buried underground on Cehria.

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