Planet: Corbett

Type: Class K, desert planet.

Location: 4th planet in the Raiz system.

Satellites: 1 - "Gary", derived from the acronym, G.A.R. (God-forsaken Airless Rock)

Surface Gravity: 1 g

Atmosphere: Mostly carbon dioxide and nitrogen, less than 5% oxygen, some trace gasses. Less than 10% of the planet's surface is covered with water.

Primary Faction: Savant Corporation

Government: Corporate Plutocracy

Population: 6.8 million

Demographics: 65% humans, 30% recoms, 4% Talosians, 1% other aliens

Overview: Corbett was originally discovered in 2264 by the interstellar prospector, John Paul Corbett (2223 - 2270). Corbett had intended to terraform the world and start a utopian society as well as a wildlife preserve for Australian wildlife. Financial problems stemming from a lifestyle of gambling and heavy drinking plagued his project and delayed it for many years. When he eventually died from an infection resulting from a wound inflicted by a koala bear during a photo op, his estate sold the planet to the Savant Corporation. Savant Corporation wasn't concerned with terraforming the planet, as there was more profit to be made in mining its immense mineral wealth.

By 2273 the colony was open for business, and the first miners moved in. The mining operations on Corbett have been very successful, and the lack of a breathable atmosphere or any native wildlife has made for very relaxed environmental laws. So the planet is very heavily polluted. Most of its inhabitants live in domed cities located near the mining sites. Scattered settlements litter the regions surrounding the active mines....the buildings there are all pressure-sealed and the inhabitants survive off of bottled oxygen and water provided by Savant Corporation.  The atmospheric pressure and temperature on Corbett are tolerable for humanoid life, the only major problem is the lack of oxygen. However anyone who ventures outdoor there carries an oxygen tank, or has a rebreather. All vehicles there are electrically powered. Though the surface of the planet is very arid, there is a substantial quantity of water locked inside the porous rock several hundred meters below the surface. That subterranean water has proven to be a considerable challenge to mining operations.

The government of Corbett is run by the Savant Corporation. Governors, known as Planetary Governance Specialists, are assigned by the corporation to see to the needs of the planet's population in order to assure the smooth running of the mining operations. Many of the planet's inhabitants are deeply in debt to the corporation, having been charged steep fees to be moved to Corbett, and now are earning meager wages that can barely pay back those fees, leaving them effectively stuck there. The workers have no voice in government, although they are all free to leave cards in the many suggestion boxes located in the cities. All security on the planet is also handled by the corporation's private army, or by whatever private contractors they decided to hire.

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