In game time: Thursday, February 10, 2355

Narrator: Temper

Players: Temper, Akai, Lexington

Location: Warehouse district, Shangri-La

Summary: Temper and Akai have to pay the crew of the Hammerfall for their work in assassinating Confed officials onboard the Andromeda Queen, as well as the work that Vector and Kenoshi did in exploring the quarantined zone in Shangri-La. Part of that payment involves securing a large quantity of high-end weapons from some arms dealers who work out of Shangri-La. Akai has worked with these contacts before and trusts them to keep their end of the bargain. Yet he hires Lexington as backup, just in case. As it turns out the arms dealers and Akai's group are attacked by a third party, possibly one of the organized crime syndicates that are common in the city, and a gunfight breaks out.

Separated from Temper, Akai and Lexington steal a car and make a break for it, heading back towards Chinatown. They are pursued by heavily armed gunmen in multiple trucks and motorcycles, and the chase is eventually joined by flying gunships....piloted by Confed agents who have snuck into the city. The chase comes to a sudden end when Lexington crashes the car, and both she and Akai are arrested by the Confed agents, signaling the start of a change in the power structure of the independent city-state.

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