Ship Name: ASV Starbird

Class: Starbird class Fast Attack Cruiser

Faction: Selven Navy

Commissioned: 10 June 2355

Fate: Still in service


Length: 560 m (including nacelles; 430 m without)
Beam: 115 m
Draft: 110 m

Decks: 30

Crew: 350 officers and crew, 200 marines. Can carry up to 800 marines.

Sublight Drives: 1 quad plasma/GMR hybrid pulse drive. Maximum normal sublight acceleration: 15 g. Grade A GMR (multiplier x 100). Maximum adjusted acceleration: 14,100 m/s/s.

FTL drive: Class A Warp Drive. Twin outboard nacelle design.

Power Plant: 6 fusion power plants.

Armament:16 medium pulse cannons. 6 torpedo tubes (4 forward, 2 aft); payload of 120 F-torps, 60 N-torps, 20 E-torps, 30 probe-torps.

Armor: Durasteel/ceramic composite, reenforced by a stable magnetic deflection sheath.

Sensors: Forward mounted long range gravitic sensor dish. Twin 180 degree arc passive multi-spectrum sensor domes. Multiple active radar suites.

Shuttles and Starfighter Compliment: 12 Bluefin class warp-capable heavy dropships. 16 Osprey class warp-capable personell shuttles. 6 heavy cargo shuttles. 8 Rapier class starfighters.

History: Commissioned as a result of escalating tensions with xenophobic forces at work in the Confed government, the Starbird was the first of a new generation of Selven cruisers. The Starbird class was intended to be able to move fast and strike deep into the heart of enemy territory and then make a speedy escape. It can carry a sizeable number of marines for special operations, deploying them for rapid strikes and softening the enemy up for a larger assault team to follow up. In spite of its fearsome capabilities it is also equipped with the latest in science equipment, making it an excellent exploration vessel, more than capable of defending itself while on far flung missions.

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